Into the Wild

Jon Krakauer


This book starts out on the East Coast of the United States. Alex (the main character), decides that he would like to further his self knowledge, and prosperity by isolating himself from people. He wanted to just spend some time alone and not know what time of day it is, what day, or even the month. This is something that King Alex Supertramp indeed does accomplish by three months later while in the barren wilderness of Alaska. He hitchhiked all the way up there and now it is here that he will spend the next series of months exploring, and surviving off the land. Alone.
Gun control law to dominate NRA agenda in US


The issue of gun control at the period of time this book takes place is unknown. In Alaska it was not uncommon to see someone walking down the road carrying a gun for hunting or self-defense purposes from wild animals. Watch the video above to hear more on how these gun laws have changed and what problems with gun control our nation faces today.

I rate this book a 4 because...

I give this book a rating of a 4 because I really enjoy books that deal with survival in the wilderness. This book pretty much nails it right on with the plot of Alexander Supertramp and his journey of survival through wild Alaska.

New Knowledge

Some new things that I have learned from reading this book are that a human being cannot go for more then 3 days without drinking water, no more than a week without food: or the body would not function, and the Yukon river and Alaskan and bootes Mountain range are located in west central Alaska.