Symbolism in Pictures

Seeing what catches your eye!

Symbolic Colors

When I think of a picture I think of colors being arranged to show a scenery. If you want to make a point some how in you're picture you must include that meaning you want to make in a color, because most of the time a picture doesn't have a title on it saying what it means. For example for symbolic color I picked a color (orange) for my title that symbolized attention because I wanted you're attention. I also included a background that is dark to make the orange pop even more.

If you wanted to make a picture symbolize heat or power you would probably edit it so it was more red. There are endless possibilities to what you can symbolize with color.

Symbolic Shapes

Shapes are also symbiotic. Sharp shapes show scariness and danger while round shows comfort. If you for instance wanted to take a picture of a leaf but make it look new or confuting you would grab a round leaf rather than a jagged leaf.

Picture Examples

Pictures Are Symbolic!

Symbolic Scenery

When you take a picture scenery is always going to be there its not a choice. In order to make an open, free, happy scenery you would want to make it light and open, so when you look at it you feel like you are in the picture and feel free with the open spaces. To make it feel dark and captive you take a picture of a dark inclosed place, its that easy!