Poetry Anthology


Madi wilson is a freshman at Eaton high school. She started writhing poetry during freshman year. She has three dogs and 1 cat. She plays basketball for the school and outside of school.

narrative poem

Max was a dog that left one night in the cold.

He was walking around all alone,

and didn't think he would ever get home.

He was gone for a while,

and his family was scared he would never get back home.

Max tried to run home because he got scared but he got captured,

he couldn't run but he tried and he pulled the guy to the ground.

A few months later he jumped up on his cage because he saw a familiar face walking next to him.

It was his owners.

He never thought he would see them again,

but there they were so excited to have their friend back home.

where im from

I am from numbers and ties and Hershey bars.

I am from the fire place that's bright and hot and fills the house with the smell of smoke.

I am from the blue bonnets and steak,

I am form sunflowers and corn.

I am from sports and shopping,

from sibling to Wilson and Hobacks.

I am from the animal lovers and know it all's,

from always laugh and cry everyday, and follow my dreams.

I am from Christianity and church every Sunday.

I'm from Kansas and Oklahoma and biscuits and gravy and mashed potatoes.

From the grandpa that hiked all the way around the world, the great grandma that came to Texas in a covered wagon from Nebraska, and the great great great great great grandpa that fought in the civil war.

I am from family pictures that lay around my house to remind us of our achievements and to show our family.

ode to my dog

my dog Lilly rams into people when they get home like shes some sort of bull. she likes to dig holes and pee in the house. she likes to sit on the couch and chew up pillows. she sprints out the door any chance she gets,

but i think that she is a great dog. Lilly is a loving little loud obnoxious dog. one time she sprinted out of the door all the way to the end of the road where they were doing construction. i was chasing after her and one of the construction workers had to get her for me.

everyone in my family thinks that she is a pretty terrible dog. i don't when im sad she'll come and lay with me. when im board she'll come and play with me. Lilly is just one hilarious dog. she likes to sprint around the house for no reason for about an hour.

without Lilly's shiny coat, pretty colors, big brown eyes, and the love and laughter she brings to our family we wouldn't still have her.

The moral of my ode is this: dogs can be terrible sometimes but you cant always look at the negative side of things. without my dog our family wouldn't have hilarious stories.

my cat

Among the pets that live at home,

you are the sweetest one of all.

When we go out im always scared to leave you alone,

whenever i cant find you, you ignore my call.

A lot of people don't like you because your a cat,

they say all cats do is lay on the couch.

But i think you were a great catch,

and you even have a great personality your not a grouch.

Whenever i get home your eyes light up,

I can always tell that you love me.

I know that you don't like the big scary pup,

but your tougher she's only three.

Don't worry you will always be my cat,

not just some ugly rat.

New Jersey (structure poem)


Jersey is a cold state

It’s a hour ahead of Texas and

It’s the state of gardens. It’s

1,556 miles from Texas.

I didn’t know all about it till my

Lifelong best friend moved there

On the 29th of January. This

Was the most shattering

Thing that happened to me

It made me cry every night

I know that I can face Time her anytime, but

It’s not the same as going to her house

And talking to her in person. I know

I will get to see her one day but

Until that day I will


Miss her.


I liked the structure poem. I liked that it was creative. When i wrote this I wanted to make the reader sad because my friend was leaving. I wanted them to feel my pain. i used this by using diction and descriptive words. When i was writing this it made me miss her even more than i already did and it almost made me cry. But this was my favorite because it made me remember all the memories i had with her. I also liked the narrative, the sonnet and the ode poem because i got to wright about my pets.I liked how i got to brag and rat on them and tell there stories or what i though happened in there stories. When i wrote these i wanted the reader to be happy and i did this by writing happy things.