Prosperous Phosphorus

Developers: Jordan Barbo and Carson McGurk - Anderson 7th

Age Limit

This game has been approved for all ages due to its simple game play and ease of reading.
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Game Rating 4.5/5 stars(*)

Prosperous Phosphorus is a global hit with over 500 Million downloads and 5 million reviews and features in magazines such as The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, IGN, and Pocket Gamer!

"The best interactive game of the last decade!!"- The Economist

Rating: *****

"Prosperous Phosphorus will grab your attention from the beginning and have you craving for so much more... I can't put down my phone long enough to stop playing!"- IGN

Rating: *****

"Learning the phosphorus cycle has never been so exciting before."-New York Post

Rating: ****

"There is no denying how well put together this game is!"- Pocket Gamer


"This may be my most hated game ever... because I can't seem to stop thinking about playing! I even dream about this game that is how addicting it is! My advice is to never download it and not to fall into the trap!"- Boston Herald

Rating: *****


Do you have what it takes to beat your friend 1v1 while learning about the phosphorus cycle? Prosperous Phosphorus is a unique mix of high strategy and competition.

You have just beat your friend in Level 1! Do you have what it takes to keep your winning streak going? Now you must test your knowledge of the phosphorus cycle by pressing your selected key 100 times before your opponent does!

Purpose: To learn the Phosphorus cycle in a fun and interactive way that takes the typical boredom out.

Learning outcomes: Learning the different stages of the phosphorus cycle and its importance to our planet. Be able to know what occurs at each stage of the cycle.

Game Elements: You will be playing 1 on 1 against an opponent, and your goal is click each of your assigned key 100 times to win the level. Each level you with play as a plant that will help tell you about the phosphorus cycle.

Directions: Press the space bar to begin the game. When instructor to, Player 1 press the 'W' key and Player 2 press the up arrow as fast as possible to be the first to get 100 key hits.

Objectives: To be the winner of each level and learn about the phosphorus cycle.

Trouble shooting

If the App randomly closes or freezes, restart the app by clicking on the link or by refreshing the page. This should do the trick!