~ French Culture ~

The unique culture of the french people.

Culture of Quebec

There is a magnificent mix of style all through out Quebec. The style of the city is not held back by time, as the mixture of style through the ages is well known.

French Units

Francophone countries measure temperature in degrees centigrade, where 100°C is boiling and 0°C is Freezing point of water. A comfortable temperature would be around 25°, and it is hot if it is 35°.

Showing Off The Culture


French culture is largely based around food, because of this there is a wide variety of foods originating from french speaking countries. Cheese is commonly rooted in many french countries, as well as many different wines. One of the more common foods that originate from french speaking countries is the Crèpe.


French architecture is well known around the world for being very vintage, and focusing on fine detail. With alot of the architecture based on the arch the french people have been able to produce feats of engineering time and time again.


The French people have been known for many unique art forms including sculpting, painting, and much more. There is a rich art scene in every french speaking country in the world, showing off the years of talent and artistic history through grand museums and spectacular feats of ingenuity.