Welcome to the Henry Ford Charity!

A charity that will improve future automobiles

Why the Henry Ford Charity was created

The Henry Ford Charity is a charity that will be used towards automobiles so that the automobiles will improve for the future, in honor of Henry Ford, a legendary American innovator. By starting this charity, we hope to continue improving automobiles, which is what Henry Ford lived for.

We created this charity for multiple purposes. First of all, Henry Ford was generous, and charities are created to be generous. In fact, he was so generous that he...

  • Cut back prices on his famous Model-T
  • Sold his cars in other countries
  • Decreased work hours for his workers
  • Established the Ford Foundation (another charity that we have accepted as our rival)
  • Made this quote: "An idealist is someone who helps others to be prosperous"

Also, Mr. Ford was a perfectionist, so if he had a say in how he wanted to be honored, he would want to have an honor that he wanted, and a charity would be likely, based on what we know about Ford. In fact, Ford was such a perfectionist that...

  • He was dissatisfied with selling 100 cars a day. He wanted to sell 1,000 cars a day.
  • Was unhappy with having the 3rd most car sales
  • Shut down his plants for 5 months to retool after his company started falling behind other car companies
  • Made this quote: "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"

We are happy to continue the work of Henry Ford, and YOU can help us improve the future of automobiles.