Death of Coral Reefs

Human Dependence Project

What are two main issues with death of coral reefs?

Ocean pollution, also deforestation, when they cut down the trees topsoil washes down into the water, and settles on the reefs and they smother and blocks out the sunlight needed for coral to live.

What are some negative effects on the enviroment?

They protect shores, from the impact of waves from storms. Provide humans with a form of food and medicine, also economic benefits to local communities from tourism.

effects of this issue

What are the main regions affected?

Regions closest to the water.

What wildlife are effected by your issue?

Butterfly fish, spiny lobster, whales and dolphin, whale sharks, hawksbill sea turtles.

Do death of coral reefs affect league city?

yes, all of the water resources we live next to.

Are people affected by this?

Yes, because for one some of the things in a reef, make new medicines, and natural compounds that can benefit humanity.

What causes this issue?

Human activity such as, sediment, pesticides, pollution, by being transported by river in coastal water. Also in some parts, destructive fishing practices, that use sodium cyanide and explosives to stun fish.

What solutions have people thought of?

Most insure that tropical fish are are collected in ecologically sound and sustainable ways. Also while fishing not using explosives.

What would your solution be?

Maybe have some regions, or in an area that grows the most coral to be blocked off from human interaction, or at least to where we cant fish there.