RES' 2nd Grade Newsletter

Week 17: January 5th-January 9th, 2014

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FYI! There will be spelling this week, but we will not send home a math or comprehension homework page.

Be sure to double check that your child leaves the house with thier coat!

Students that are properly dressed and have a jacket will be going outside when temperatures and wind chills are 40 and below. Students who are not dressed properly will be sent to the office for recess. When temperatures are 32 or below, there will be no outdoor activities.
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Library Schedule


  • Martinez-8:30-9:00
  • Miller- 1:45-2:15


  • Hord- 1:45-2:15


  • Fite- 1:45-2:15


  • Henderson- 9-9:30
  • Ripple- 1:45-2:15

This Week's Units of Study:

Reading: Inference & Conclusion

Writing: Writing a personal narrative with a Begginning, Middle & End.

Spelling Pattern: or, oar, ore

Grammar: Verbs- past, present, & future

Social Studies: Map Skills - TX & Keller history

Math: Data Analysis

Upcoming Events in Second Grade:

December 19th:

  • Classroom Winter Parties @2

December 22nd- January 2nd:

  • Winter Break

January 5th:

  • Student Holiday

January 15th:

  • McDonalds Spirit Night

January 19th:


January 23rd:

  • Early Release @ 12

February 5th:

  • Math & Science Night

February 16th:

  • KISD No school- Bad weather Make up Day
The Penguin Song Happy Birthday

Birthday Wall of Fame

Mrs. Fite's Class:

-No Birthdays this month

Mrs. Henderson's Class:

- No Birthdays this month

Mrs. Hord's Class:

-Kaleb 12/5

-Brianna 12/7

-Autumn 12/16

-Chloe 12/29

Mrs. Martinez's Class:

-Morgan F. 12/16

-Kayce M. 12/30

Mrs. Miller's Class:

-Sydnee C. 12/12
Mrs. Ripple's Class:

-Skylar B. 12/1

Ridgeview Elementary's 2nd Grade Teachers:

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