MSA Raleigh Trip

NC State Capitol

The NC State Capitol...
  1. Burned down when the workers were trying to make the Capitol fire proof.
  2. Contains a statue of George Washington as a Roman general and a statue of John Motley Morehead.
  3. Does not have anywhere for the governor to live in the building.

NC Legislative Building

The NC Legislative Building...
  1. Has 50 stars to represent the 50 senators of the state
  2. Has 2 chambers for each part of government: the senate and the house of representatives
  3. Was built in 1963

NC Science Museum

The NC Science Museum has...
  1. A research lab
  2. A lot of fossils like fossils of whales
  3. An IMAX theater

The NC History Museum

The NC History Museum has...

  1. A replica of the Wright brothers plane.
  2. A case of gun,s mostly for police.
  3. A sports hall of fame of national sports.

April 28, 2015

By Jadin Smith