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Dolphins are sea creatures. Dolphins can be found in every part of the world. Next ,they can eat different type of fish,big and small and wide and fat. Then they have teeth to eat food that is big and small and wide and flat and fat. Dolphins can be fast at cheesing fast sea creatures in the water.


Dolphins in a group are called a school herd or pod. Also they living groups that gives protection. Last dolphins can be found in every part of the world.


What do dolphins eat to be a live They can eat 20 to50 ponds of food also they can eat shrimp,eel,crab,octopus also they prey is to swallow a whole head frist, also they can eat a whole octopus without chewing it they swallow it as a whole thing without biting it. As you can see dolphins can eat a lot of food until they get full of eating a lot of food


Dolphins have many special features help dolphin survive there jrean in the ocean. Dolphins have fins and spent there hole life under water also dolphins get one set of teeth to last a lifetime also dolphins rage from 4ft to 13ft tall they can be tall as a person or bigger Finnlly dolphins need these things to be a live.


Dolphins are a special things we need in this ocean. Dolphins are a part of nature and the ocean. Dolphins can eat a lot of food they can eat a bunch of food until they get full of eating food for the day until dinner. Dolphins have a voice that is hard to speak or say as a person . At last dolphins are a good part of the ocean.


Prey is a animal that hunt or killed by another animal for food. Protection is the state of being kept from harm,loss etc. state of being protected. Swallow is any of numerous, small ,widely distributed oscine bird ( family)


Dolphins by Bridget Giles,everything about dolphins by Elizabeth carney

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