Update from WES PTO

August 2022 Edition

Next Meeting

Wednesday, Aug. 10th, 6pm

1060 Zeigler Road

Wellsville, PA

Our next Meeting will be held at 6pm in the WES Library. Please join us!

We would love to meet you!


Special thanks to the Gerfertz, Book, Horner, Horn, Roof and Smith families for their time and talents to brighten up the playground!

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WELLSVILLE ELEMENTARY (P)arent (T)eacher (O)rganization

Dear WES Families,

Hello and Happy Summer to all our WES families! We are very excited and busy preparing for the 22-23 school year. We have a ton of things planned for the year and are looking forward to our August meeting when we discuss our new bylaws and our calendar for the year. We are working hard to provide as much information as we can at the beginning of the year to help parents plan and have time to be a part of your children's activities at school.

We Hope you are having a GREAT Summer!

What is the PTO and who can be a Member? Our active board is made up of an Executive Board Group, Committee Chair Members and other active members. Our Executive officers: Jillian Roof and Whitney Horn Co-Presidents; Briana Smith, Vice President; Secretary - vacant; and Hayley Book, Treasurer. Also we have several other active PTO members who serve as committee chairs and not to mention our wonderful school staff. So, who can be a member? If you’re a father, mother, protector, guardian, and/or a person who teaches or instructs at Wellsville Elementary then you can be a member and we would love to have you come on board! We need your ideas!!!

PTO Programs & Fundraising

Our primary objective as a PTO is to provide our school with funds, programs, resources, and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every child and to benefit the school. To meet this important objective, we fundraise. Here are a few fundraising programs that we organize throughout the school year: Polar Bear Run, Usbourne cards, and Restaurant Nights. We have many areas we support the students and staff. To highlight a few they include: Field Trips, Assemblies, Family Fun Nights including Tailgating, Roller Skating, Family night at the Annual Book Fair, and Field Day.

Become a Volunteer….Why YOU should get involved!

As you can see, we are a small and busy group. This is where you can come in! We need your help, and so do the children. A special thanks to all of our past volunteers for all of their hard work and dedication. Here at WES, we strive for excellence and what better way than to become involved today. We are in need of growth and are seeking volunteers to continue re-establishing the organization. We are planning some exciting events again this year and hope to see new and familiar faces helping to plan these events. The PTO is a team effort in which we cannot succeed on our own.


Jillian Roof and Whitney Horn (Co-Presidents), Briana Smith (VP), and Hayley Book (Treasurer)

Want to be a volunteer! Get your clearances before the year begins! Click below to access the forms.

Wellsville Elementary PTO

The Wellsville Elementary PTO is a 501(c)3 organization that's main purpose is to provide opportunities to the students and staff or the Wellsville Elementary located in the Northern York County School District. These opportunities are provided in the ways of fundraisers throughout the school year. Opportunities included are field trips, family events, assemblies, classroom/playground supplies and other areas.