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Oct. 9 Professional Learning


ISTE is the International Society for Technology in Education. Each year, ISTE hosts an annual conference.

From "As the premier ed tech conference in the world, the annual ISTE Conference & Expo is the place where educators of all nationalities meet face to face to learn together and share their knowledge about using classroom technologies to enhance student learning."

ISTE 2015 highlights


Properly attributed Creative Commons photos for school; citation automatically attached to downloaded image


Ask students to be as concrete as possible in their keywords.

  • If they search "friendship," they may not get many results. However, if students search "teen group," they may be more successful.
  • If they search "courage," they may not get many results. However, if students search "firefighter," they may be more successful.


Over 470,000 high quality public domain photos, illustrations, and graphics; free for even commercial use; no citation required

NOTE: Ignore the top row of images. They are paid photos.


Over 150,000 icons created by designers around the world

Application ideas:

  • Student projects
  • Teacher presentations and docs
  • Symbolism discussions
    • How does this icon symbolize the Civil War? Explain in 4-6 complete sentences. Reference information from this week's notes and class activities.
    • Find 3 symbols that represent the main character in this story. Add the icons to a Google Slide and explain why you selected each symbol; each explanation must include textual evidence.
  • Checks for understanding
    • Find 3 icons that show 3 different geometric shapes we have been studying. Add the icons to a Google Slide; then, identify the geometric shape for EACH icon.
  • Status checks
    • Which one of these icons best represents YOUR understanding of the human digestive system? Explain WHY in one sentence. <show 3 different icons: smiling, confused, sad> Click here to see an example.


Free photo filters, frames, collages, and effects for your photos

There's an app!

Application ideas:

  • Student projects
  • Teacher presentations and docs
  • Gallery of images assessment
    • Create a Photofunia gallery with pics of who you consider to be the 3 most important people involved in the creation of Declaration of Independence. Use this Photofunia image in a ThingLink where you link to Google Slides where you explain WHY each person is so important (1 slide per person), at least 2 videos you found online, and at least 2 websites that provide biographical information. Click here to see a partial example.
    • Create a Photofunia gallery with pics of 5 parts of your assigned habitat; add this Photofunia image to your Notability science notebook with arrows and labels to identify each part. Under the Photofunia image write a 4-6 sentence paragraph explaining whether or not your endangered animal would thrive in this particular habitat. In the paragraph, reference specific parts of the habitat and specific characteristics of your animal.
  • Your Text image creation
    • Create a Photofunia "Your Text" image identifying ONE main personality trait of your assigned character. Add this Photofunia image to a Google Slide where you cite 3 pieces of textual evidence that supports this personality trait. Click here to see an example.
Be a Photo Editing Genius - PhotoFunia App for iPhone/iPad and Android


Explore the world in real time through someone else's eyes

There's an app!

**Not filtered - do NOT send students to this app/website - for teacher use only

**Do not broadcast nondisclosure students - see the list from Ms. Tepper

Application ideas:

  • Inform parents you will be broadcasting live at _____ time.
  • Broadcast student presentations.
  • Broadcast students working .
  • Broadcast science investigations.
  • Participate in #periScopeOut (library edition, classroom edition, etc.).

Click here to learn how to set broadcast to PRIVATE. What does PRIVATE mean? Click here.

Click here to learn how to HIDE the CHAT feature during a broadcast (others can still send and see comments).

Click here to learn how to LIMIT CHAT comments to just your Twitter followers.

Need more help? Click here to visit the Periscope Help Center.

Periscope - How to Use it and Review

Create and share visual ideas through infographics

Use templates or start fresh

Application ideas:

  • Instead of a test, ask students to create an infographic to demonstrate their learning.
  • Instead of notes, provide information to students using an infographic.
  • Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, ask students to create an infographic to share their research.


Multiplayer online classroom quizzes

Students work at own pace once you start the quiz. You choose how long they can spend on each question (5 seconds to 5 minutes).

They see a meme after each question. Funny stuff!

All correct answers are shown at end; this is a good review for students.

Application ideas:

  • Review topics, facts, and concepts.
  • Assess prior knowledge.
Quizizz Walkthrough