The Legeand Of Africa

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Atlas mountains

This rang of rugged mountains is one of africas bigest mountains. and it goes over 1,500 miles that is a lot of mountin. so if you want to hike there bring some good boots or you will have some mest up showse.

Congo River

This beast of a river is over 2,720 miles long and 4 to 10 miles whide. and this river is a good fresh water sours so do not waste it so do not swim in this river ok.
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Sahara Desert

It is the largest desert in the wourld so if you want to go there go prepard so you dont die there and you will need to bring water there to so dont forget ok.

lake victora

is the largest lake for trayed so that is good for some of the kingdomes that dont have some of the things that thay do need.
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