Facial Features: Nose

Developing Shading and Shape



  • Learn about how shadow makes form
  • Create a nose in a guided practice
  • Draw a nose with a focus on shading skin tones and contours

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Learning to see the dimension in form created by shadows is an important step in becoming an artist. In drawing on a 2D surface we have to create the illusion of depth with shadows and value shifts. As the nose protrudes from our face, we must capture the shadows of the form to make it look realistic.

Parts of The Nose

You need to understand the structure within to be able to capture a realistic nose.
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How to Draw a Nose Step by Step by Proko

Guided Practice and Assignment:

We will be working together in class to do a guided practice method of drawing a nose in pencil to help you see the form. After our practice you will be using colored pencil to draw a nose and shade it carefully.
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How to Draw a Realistic Nose in Colored Pencils


This week most of your sketchbook will be done in class. You will need to have three different nose drawings for the sketchbook check.

  • The Guided Practice Nose
  • Nose Shaded With Colored Pencil
  • Practice Drawing of YOUR Nose (use mirror or photo)