CASH Fifth Grade

Science Extra Credit

Other than 20 minutes of reading, there is no required homework for the weekend!

However, we have a lunar eclipse this Sunday night that begins around 8:10 p.m. and ends around 11:30. If your student snaps a photo of the eclipse and he or she emails it to me, I will add 5 points to a test grade. Sending me a fact about the lunar eclipse, like when we have another Blood Moon or when was the last time we had one, will earn your child another 5 points. If, instead of a photo, the student sends me a timed lapsed video or a series of pictures of the eclipse, another 5 points will be earned! So, this is not required, but it a pretty cool event and if you are watching anyway, a great way to earn a few extra science points!

Permission Form to be Sent Next Week

Parents, I would like to be able to include photos and videos of some of the cool things your students do, but I want to be sure I have your permission first. When I emailed about this earlier this year, I didn't hear from everyone so I will send out a paper permission slip next week.

I love this class!