World War 2

The Home Front and Aftermath

The Home Front

WWII Video 5 - The American Homefront & the Holocaust

Women in the Work Force

Before the United States entered World War 2, they had already made contracts with the government to produce war equipment for the Allies. Before they knew it, they joined the war and production needed to be dramatically increased. Many factories were built and needed workers. The only problem was that the men were heading out to fight the war, so in order to make up for the loss of men, they ended up substituting for women. By 1945, women made up 36% of the nations total workforce.
Rosie the Riveter became a staple for Women in the Workforce. There was even a song named "Rosie the Riveter"

The Great Depression

A few years before the start of World War 2, there was a major devastation in the American economy. It was called The Great depression. There was a massive loss of money and jobs alike. People were poor and some homeless and hungry. The country was at an all time low at the time, but later regained its footing.


Although there was a scarce amount of money, the American people still tried to find ways to keep the spirit alive. Movie going became a staple attraction as well as playing cards and board games, and listening to the radio and dancing. Art began to spring forward in this new era of fun and entertainment. Listening to the radio was like a part of daily life. New bands, big and small, began to pop up. There were famous singers like Frank Sinatra and Perry Como, and Be-Bop, Blues, and Jazz became the music of the times.



The start of World War 2 easily ended the Great Depression. With all the men going off to war and women taking their places and the government making money by making artillery for the Allies, the US economy was as successful as ever. Many people feared that when the war ended, the Depression would come back, but that was not the case. The new booming economy did things things that even the New Deal could not achieve.
World War II: The Aftermath


War time posters led to major patriotism. Due to this new sense of patriotism, civil equality for women as well as minorities became an issue. There were new inventions and scientific research.

Arts and Intellectual Movement

Just a list of different things and popped up:

- Jazz

- Western Swing

- Bebop

- Blues

- American Urban Art

- Abstract Expressionism

- Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care

- First sighting of UFO's began