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About Quizlet

Quizlet is a free and simple way to study either on your apple device or computer. The app is free!

Create your own Quizlet study sets or search Quizlet's database of over 15 million flash card sets to find content already created.

Quizlet Features

Once you've created a Quizlet set, your students can study it in so many different ways (to suit different learning styles and interests).

You can also check out the Teachers Page for subject-specific activities for using Quizlet with your class.

Sharing Quizlet with your Students:

You can choose how you'd like to share the sets you create on Quizlet with your students depending on what works best for your class setup.

  • Share the link/URL of the set (via email, a class blog, blackboard, or Edmodo).
  • Embed the set into your blog (or Edmodo).
  • Create a class for your students on Quizlet.
  • Tell your students to download a Quizlet app to any mobile device.


  • Full integration with your Quizlet.com account
  • Audio in 18 languages
  • Search 15+ million flashcard sets
  • 3 distinct study modes - Flash Cards, Learn, and Scatter
  • Works offline
  • 100% FREE
  • And much much more...