Haley's Coaching Corner

---------------Keeping Elliott teachers in the KNOW!


  • Third Grade is creating CFA's based on the rigor of the upcoming Math CBA to pull small groups for targeted instruction!
  • Fourth Grade is using a science poem from The Poetry Friday Anthology for an upcoming reading lesson!
  • Our talented Title 1 Tutors are working hard to prescriptively meet all of our students needs! Thank you!
  • Second Grade worked together to collaboratively backwards plan TIME!


  • Needing an intervention for a student struggling in math? Look back in past clusters to find lessons to use under the "Teacher Table" and/or "Strategy Lessons" tab.
  • 3rd Grade Math PD, Feb. 19 - Time TBD
  • 1st Grade Math PD, Feb. 25 - Time TBD
  • 2nd Grade Math PD, Feb. 11 - 3-4pm. (If having this PD from 3-4pm goes well, I wouldn't be surprised if that is how they schedule 3rd and 1st PD. Just a heads up for your calendar!)


Friday, February 12th 5th grade PD
  • Admin training room 7:20-8:20
  • Teachers need to bring a way they are using data from the Pre-Assessments to share.
  • This is a time for teachers to share their practices, build their individual and collective capacity, and CELEBRATE!!!