How to make Multiplication Easier

The Basic Ways of Multiplication

Learning Step-by-Step

You can break the problem down. For example: 4x3=4+4+4=12 Well what if the equation is something like 32x2? You simply multiply 2x2, then multiply 3x2. You should get 64 as an answer.
I don't understand how to multiply up and down!

This is a video that WILL help you understand how to multiply up and down!

How to Make Division Easier

Learning Step-by-Step

You create a shape almost like half of a rectangle and put the dividend inside and the divisor outside and the quotient goes on top. If a number is too small just move to the next number and place a 0.
But What If I Still Don't Know How To DIvide?

A catchy song to HELP you understand how to do long division.

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Hope this helped you understand math!