By.Paola Roman


The Inventor was James Watt


  • The railroad changed the lives of many people in U.S. Because they can travel easily and often.
  • The transcontinental railroad was also called the pacific Railroad and the over land Route.
  • The total length of the First Transcontinental Railroad was 1,776 miles.
  • By train mail could be delivered to other cities and tows in few days.
  • Soon after the transcontinental railroad was built other rail routes were built.


It s between 1863 and 1869.


The train was invented because like that the people can go to farthest places and more faster they can move more easily.


The Firsts Transcontinental Railroad Stretched from the East Coast of the U.S to the West Coast.
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  • The trains have a shape like a cube and in the front it have like a triangle and the train pull like big squares. The train have big wagon.
  • Well it not be so hard because now we have cars, lanes etc. But with the train you can transport packages.
The Transcontinental Railroad