Terrific Tip Tuesday

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Tuesday's Tip: Promise Letters

What's a promise letter, you ask? Think of it as a General Manager's Welcome Letter except it isn't from the Manager - it's from the Front Desk agents working that night and it is handed to the guest along with the guest's guestroom keys at the completion of the check-in process.

Area of Opportunity

  • Lower than desired Guest Survey Scores
  • Lower than desired Guest Loyalty
  • Disengaged staff
  • Lack of ownership of guest's problems by the Front Desk staff
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Solution Description:

Develop a Welcome Letter for your guests from your Front Desk agents. Sit down as a team and write the letter together. It is a letter promising the guest the best stay possible. It is a letter letting the guest know that they (the agents) are there for them if anything is needed and to contact them directly if there are any issues during their stay. Once your Front Desk team has agreed on the content of the letter, they will be printed out and kept at the Front Desk. The agents working second shift will then sign enough letters for that day's arrivals and hand them to the guest's along with their keys.

This will make a commitment from the associate to the guest - a connection. The agent will then take ownership of assuring that the guest is taken care of because they have promised the guest that they are there for them.

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