Attributes and Barriers

Staff at RecruIT

Personal attributes valued by employers

Specific skills are skills that all employers need to have technical knowledge as in IT devices who to work them need to know the health and safety of the workplace like using a cable bridge to put cables or wires away in a safe place.

General attributes like planning skills is going to help plan with IT making plans like gantt charts so that technicians know with jobs need to be done. Team working it is very impotent that our technicians and staff work together to get work done smoothly and fast.

Attitudes as in leadership is also needed place of work needs a leader to control and put workers in the right place of work and also need people that can solve problems fast finding ways to get the job done.

Effective Communication

General communication skills

Use of technology to engage with the audience and answering there questions and adapting your voice as in speaking louder but with out screaming and knowing what to talk about.

Interpersonal skills

interpersonal skills is skills like your body language you most have a good body language as in straight back and arms down. Signing things knowing where to sign it and what your signing verbal exchanges and how to be positive and negative with out hurting anyone feelings

Communicate in writing

As in knowing how to write a letters or emails and then checking it for checking spelling and grammar and how to take notes in meetings also proofreading everything you done


Background noise

This can be building work going on and making it hard for the people talking to you to hear you and hard for you to hear them.


This can be you talking to someone but they are distracted because of something going on out side the window or they see someone they know.

Physical barriers

This is what news reports get when they try to ask questions they get pushed out the way by police or guards.


Sometimes communication can be effected by the location you could be in a different country and they can't understand you because of the language barrier.

Lack of concentration

Not getting the right amount of sleep or not understanding what your talking about can be a lack of concentration or it can be the people who are listening to you having lack of concentration because of the location or physical barriers or distractions or background noise.