All About Roald Dahl

The Life and Works of One Amazing Author

Early Life

Roald Dahl began his life on September 13, 1916. He was born in the UK, specifically in Llandaff, Wales. He spent the first two years of his life in Llandaff with his Norwegian parents, but after his younger sister Else was born, in 1918, the family packed their things up and moved to Radyr.

After they arrived and settled into their new home in Radyr, Roald began his schooling in 1920 at the age of 4. Sadly that year Roald's 7 year old sister, Astri, passed away from appendicitis. Weeks later, his father, Harald, passed away from pneumonia on a fishing trip in the Antarctic. Following the death of Harald and Astri, the Dahl family moved back to Llandaff into a smaller home.

Shortly after their move back to Llandaff in 1921, Roald and his siblings started school at Elmtree House nursery school. From 1921-1922 he attended school at Elmtree House nursery school. When 1923 came around, Roald enrolled at an all boys preparatory school called the Llandaff Cathedral School. Two years later, Roald left the Llandaff Cathedral school, and began attending a boarding school by the name of St. Peter's Weston-super-Mare. 4 years later, Roald moved to Repton, where he spent the rest of his school days.

Later Life

In Roald's later life he accomplished many things. For one, he began working for the Shell Oil company in 1934. His office was located in London, so he moved in with his mom and commuted to work daily. He worked as a clerk, and during this time he started dabbling in writing spoofs and sketches. Then in 1938, right before the Second World War, Roald began working in Shell's branch office located in East Africa. He later wrote about his experiences in his memoir Going Solo. Shortly after this experience, the Second World War broke out. At the age of 23, Roald joined the Royal Air Force in Nairobi. In 1940 Roald was posted to Libya, where he was later involved in a plane crash. He spent 6 months recovering in the Anglo-Swiss Hospital in Alexandria, Egypt. When he was done healing from his head, nose, and back injuries, he rejoined his Royal Air Force squadron in Athens, Greece in April of 1941. 3 months later, he returned to Britain.

In April-August of 1942, Roald was posted to Washington, but at that time he completed his first paid piece of writing. In December of 1942, he began to work on The Gremlins, which was later published in April of 1943. Three years later his first story collection was published and he returned to the UK once again. In 1948 Roald's dystopian adult novel, Some Time Never, was published.

Later on, he met & married Patricia Neal. Together they had a daughter, and Roald's only stage play The Honeys opens. During the 1960's Roald published some of his most popular children's books. In the 70's his story Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was produced into a film, and the 80's was a successful decade for Roald because he publicized many children's books once again.

Although Roald passed away in November of 1990, his legacy lived on. Many of the books he wrote were converted into films. Even 10 years after his death, his works continued to thrive around the world. Lastly, in the 2010's some of his works were developed into musicals.

Famous Works

Roald Dahl's biggest accomplishment was becoming an author. He wrote stories for children, and books for adults. Some of his most famous pieces were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and many more. Even after his passing his work thrived. Many of his books were made into movies, and some even into musicals! One of my favorite stories by Roald Dahl is James and the Giant Peach. It's about a young orphan named James, and he receives a magical green object. But as he's walking back home with that object, he trips and the magical green object gets buried into the ground. It grows little by little until James discovered that it's a peach! It kept growing bigger and bigger until it was bigger than his Aunt's house. Eventually, James enters the inside of the peach, but it rolls off a cliff into the ocean. He then has to fight off all kinds of enemies and obstacles. Read the book to find out the rest!