Home of Maple Syrup


Canada is located North of the United States of America and South of the North Pole.

Its capital is Ottawa, Ontario; located at approximately, 45 degrees North and 76 degrees West.

Physical Land Atractions

-Visit Niagara Falls! (about an hour south of Toronto)

-Row Row Row your boat at Banff National park in Alberta.

-Take a hike in the Canadian Rockies in British Colombia.


People who live here are French, French Canadian, or just Canadian. They have no official religion as they strongly support freedom of religion.

Lumberjacking, Anything Hockey related and/or Ice rink related, and Fishing are a couple of jobs you could expect to find in Canada.


-Canada has many great locations to ski. One of the most popular is Whitewater ski resort.
-Visit the worlds tallest building and free standing structure at The CN Tower in Toronto
-Take a tour of my personal favorite attraction The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto


-One of Canada's biggest exports you might want to bring back home to share is Maple Syrup
-1 Canadian dollar is equal to 90 American cents.

Human Environment Interaction

The climate In Canada varies from below 0 degrees F(Winter), to between 34 and 63 degrees F(spring), to 99 degrees F(Summer), and between 41 and 68 degrees F(Fall).
Pack accordingly to the season you come visit us!


5 Regions of Canada are: Northern Canada, Mountains and West Canada, The Prairies, Central Canada, and The East Coast.


-Four Seasons Hotel Toronto (5 stars)
-Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto (5 stars)
-Hazelton Hotel Toronto (5 stars)
-Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown (3 stars)
-Ramada Plaza Toronto Downtown (3 stars)
-Strathcona Hotel Toronto (3 stars)

Useful Terms

English and French are the official languages of Canada thus it may be helpful to know a couple French phrases:
Bonjour- Hello, Good morning
Bonsoir- Good Evening
Oui- Yes
Non- No
D’accord- Okay
S’il te plaît (familiar) / S’il vous plaît (formal/plural)- Please
Merci- Thank you
Bienvenue (Cdn) / De rien (familiar)- Your welcome
Bonne journée!- Have a good day!

Fun Fact

-Lacrosse and Hockey are the official sports of Canada!
-Canadians consume more macaroni and cheese than any other nation on Earth!