A New Animal Is Revealed


Remix Animal Proposal

Have you seen the new animal? It is the mix of three organisms. The ecosystem I live in is the rocky mountains. The animals I mixed is a bamboo, a donkey , and a limitless water camel. I mixed with a ferocious donkey to climb, and I mixed with a fast growing bamboo to grow and quicker and taller.


The limitless water camel with a brown donkey strength, and lengthy in the legs called the camonkyboo. Its a little dark brown too. Since its in the mountains it eats grass. It's called a herbivore. It can survive by the donkey 's strength to back off things.

Adaptations that happens to the camonkyboo

Adaptations happen overtime. They have to have time. The Camonkeyboo is so ferocious. It's from the donkey. The length is from the bamboo, and limitless water of a camel with the ferociousness of a donkey.

More facts about the camonkeyboo

The camonkyboo is the living remixed camel. It is adapted over days to live in that ecosystem. This animal can take on life in the mountains. He an good source of finding food like grass or fruits.