Child Saftey Hazards

Keeping Children Safe


Burns (amazingly) are very common for younge children. Children get burns from pretty much anything that is hot. Whether that's you're bath water, or reaching across the table. Some ways to help keep these children safe from getting burned is to not hold your child while cooking, setting your water heater to 120° or less, and keep lighters out of reach from the children.


More than 1 million deaths from children ages 4 and under have been caused from eating/ being around poison. Following these steps would help ensure that your children will stay safe from poison. 1) Store all your cleaning and household products, and medications away from children's sight and reach. Under the sink is eye level with younge children, causing them to be curious. 2) Use saftey locks on these cabinets so children cannot get into them. 3) Read the product labels to find out what might be poisonous to your children. 4) Just in case, program the Posion Control Number into your phone, so it would be there if you ever need it.*

Car Seat

73% of children's car seats are in installed correctly, causing many, many deaths world wide. To try to help it be safe, check up on your car seats' crash history. That way, you will know what might happen, and if it's safe or not for your child. Plus, make sure to have seat belts on ALONG with the car seat. That very important to making sure your child will stay safe. In addition, NEVER leave your child unattended in a car. You might forget about them during the summer months, and they could potentially die from the heat.


60% of choking cases in the emergency room are caused from food. Keeping your child safe from choking is very important, and many precautions should be taken. You should make sure that food like grapes, hot dogs, and cheese sticks are cut up in small pieces. Children shouldn't eat small of hard food like popcorn, hard candy, or marshmallows. Make sure you consider s child's age while buying a toy. Also, cut the cords on your blinds so that kids won't wrap themselves up in it while playing around.


To avoid the suffocation of your baby while (s)he is sleeping, lay him/her on their back. Also, take out all of the stuffed animals, extra blankets, and and toys from the crib while they are sleeping. These are all potential choking hazards.


2,500,000 accidents have happened where a child as ended up in the emergency room from falling in 2013. Way to keep children safe from falling would be to keep babies and young children strapped into their third chairs or booster seats so they won't fall out, attach saftey gates correctly to the walls, and only take your children to playgrounds that have shock obsorbing surfaces to help make the impact of their fall softer.

Poison Control Number

* 1-800-222-1222