Plants vs Animals

By: Sophie Stancil

The difference between the animal and plant cells

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Mode of Nutrition for Animals

  • Heterotrophs
  • Motile
  • Multicellular

Mode of Nutrition for Plants

  • Autotrophs
  • Non-motile
  • Multicellular

Transport System

In plants: In plants transport take place with the help of vascular system which consist of xylem (water transport) phloem (mineral transport) ad cambium.

In animals: In animals transport take place with the help blood.

Response System

In plants: Plants have either no or very basic ability to sense. Plants have a very rudimentary circulatory system based on pressure and potential differences

In animals: Animals have a much more highly developed sensory and nervous system.the majority of "higher" animals have closed circulatory systems.

In plants: Plants tend to have both male and female parts. Each plant has "sperm" and "egg", but, generally plants do not pollinate themselves. They rely on wind or pollinators to carry their sperm and egg.

In animals: Animals tend to deposit their sex cells on their own. Of course there are all sorts of animals that use wind and water to carry their gametes also, but at least in terms of mammals the above difference is a clear difference.