Diamond mines

Diamond mines in Africa

Diamond mines

To start, 2 different types of diamond mines are , digging/sifting for diamonds and compresser mining. Next, to dig for diamonds, kids make a hole in the ground and pile up all of the dirt. Then, other kids come and take some of the dirt and put in a sifter, where they sift through all the dirt and find diamonds. Last, to compressor mine, kids have to go under water and dig the dirt off the lake floor they have a hose in there mouth witch is connect to a compresser. This is the most dangerous type of mining because of the high risk of drowning. Diamond mines are mainly found in India or Africa. The miners aren't even payed 1% of the worth of the stones they cut. In Africa, 46% of diamond miners are between 5-16. They have to work 10 hours a day and earn less than 1 dollar a day. Miners are at a high risk of illnesses. Diamond miners have little to no safety equipment or tools. I think kids should not be used for diamond mining. Many child miners don't go to school, and when they're adults, they can't get a job, so they're always working in a diamond mine. The children are sold into diamond mines because they don't have money and the kids debt is never paid off. The mines are a pit of rocks, oil, and engine exhaust.


Albert dropped out of school when he was 11 years. He's been working at this mine for the past 4 years. He works in a pit 25 meters deep. The air is too thin to breath. There is a blower so they don't suffocate.


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Contact the place where you get diamonds and ask if there fair trade. if they aren't tell them that your friends and family wont buy things at your store
I think children should not be used for diamonds mining. This job should be for adults only. Because of the kids don't go to school they won't get hired to any jobs so they have to work at diamond mines all there life.