Aminah Rangwala Science 6 Page

Reflecting and showing my learning

Aminah Rangwala

Hi! I am Aminah Rangwala and I am 11 years old. You probably don't know that I just moved here from Maryland a month ago. I love to read books such as Harry Potter and Pegasus. I also love to diy things like my room and locker. As you can tell I love the beach. My family and I love the warmth not the cold. I like helping people make the most of their work. I tend to get crazy and hilarious. One thing that I have been doing for two years is I have been playing the piano. My favorite song that I can play is Under the Stars.I am really happy to be living in California and I hope I can make a lot of new friends and explore!

Introduction to Science 6 Unit

In our Science 6 Unit we learned how to use microscopes, what longitude and latitude is and do different labs. Some really cool and fun labs we did was the mini microscope lab, the salt lab and the longitude and latitude lab. We worked with groups and did a lot of collaboration with each other. Some different activities we did were we used a globe to see different places with longitude and latitude. We also used a microscope to look at different things in the microscope with high power and low power. Overall the Science 6 Unit was a blast!
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Quantitive and Qualitive lab

We observated different kinds of objects and took quantitive observations which were with numbers and took qualitive observations which were not with numbers.

My Favorite Activities or Labs

In class we learned how to use money croscope as well as learning about loMy favorite activity was the microscope parts because I really like how we got in depth of knowing what the things on the microscope worked and how they were used. My favorite lab was the microscope lab because I got to look at the objects or samples up close and actually see what was inside them.