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Donor Report | Spring 2016

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#thinc2016: 5 Ways to Get Involved

We are returning to Cabrini College this July 24-29 for our seventh year of the thinc program. We'll have fifty awesome kids entering seventh, eighth and ninth grades. Here are five ways you can support #thinc2016:

  1. Join us for a day and share a special talent or interest with the kids
  2. Spend the week with us as a staff member and experience the magic of this program
  3. Make a connection between PFF and someone you know who can help share something awesome with the kids
  4. Buy one of the iPads for the ninth graders and give it to them in-person during the celebration banquet
  5. Consider one of our many sponsorship options

PFF Golf Tournament 2016

Join us on Saturday, May 14 and help send some awesome kids to summer camp and more. Check out all the fun here.

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