Just Say No

What good will it do?

Thats right it wont do you any good. As a matter a fact it will actually cause you to die in many different way! From mood swings to organ failures, blood clots, and numerous diseases. There are many different types of drugs many are found closer to you then you may think.

Seriously its no good for you

  • Stimulants- Ecstasy, Marijuana, Meth and Steroids (kills brain cells, dangerously high fever, and lots more side effects)
  • Depressants- GHB and Barbiturates (can cause you to go unconscious and 1 out of 10 people die from an overdose and more)
  • Inhalants- Household products (when used for right purpose it is ok but when not it causes brain damage, dizziness, slur language, vomiting and lots more)
  • Narcotics- Heroin (Highly addictive, rush feeling then drowsiness, blood clots, organ failure and numerous diseases)
  • Hallucinogens- PCP and LSD (mind alternating, its the things you do when high on it will kill you)


  • Stimulants- also known as Uppers
  • Depressants- also known as Downers
  • Inhalants- also known as Whippets
  • Narcotics- also known as Heroin, Tar or Smack
  • hallucinogens- also known as Angel dust or Magic mushrooms
  • Medicines- also know as Tylenol or Robitussin safe if taken the right amount