Mrs. Hutcheson's

5th Grade Newsletter~May 1-5

Important Dates

May 3-Science MAP testing (3 sessions)

May 8-visit middle school at 1:00

May 11-Celebrate Schofield!

May 15-Field Day

May 16-Set Sail for Middle School 1:30

May 17-1/2 day of school (last day) :(

You are invited to "Set Sail for Middle School" May 16

Instead of having a graduation ceremony this year, we are having a "Set Sail for Middle School" celebration. Our fifth graders will line up at 1:30 and walk the halls while kindergarten-4th grade cheers them on! You are more than welcome to join us for a BBQ and mingling at school. During this time, the students will get their end of elementary certificate, check out their Schofield memory books, and take some time to have their last recess! Bring your lawn chairs and watch a game of kickball, or just hang out under the tree and relax.

We know everyone is busy at night with sports and such, plus we have Celebrate Schofield on Thursday, May 11th for a more formal academic night and we thought this would be a good change of pace for our kiddos!

Let me know if you have any questions! We hope to see you there.

Class pictures

We have class pictures! If you would like to purchase a class pic, please send $5.


PDSA explanation:

Plan-What is my learning goal? What do I want to achieve?

Do-What will I do to achieve this goal?

Study-How did I do? What do my results tell me?

Act-What will I do once I meet my goal? What will I do if I do not meet my goal?

Schofield's Mission

Preparing each student for a successful future by developing and empowering lifelong learners and leaders all day, every day.

Our Class Mission

Our mission is to have fun learning and working together while having a growth mindset at all times. We will be leaders and kind to one another.

Schofield's Attendance Goal

Schofield's building level goal is 96% for monthly attendance.

Attendance Celebrations in our classroom:

For each day that everyone in our class is at school, we earn a letter! We are trying to spell A-T-T-E-N-D-A-N-C-E! So far, we have spelled ATTENDANCE three times!

School Improvement Plan

It is Schofield Elementary's goal to make sure 100% of students are proficient with Missouri Learning Standards for math and literacy. This week students will be learning:


Students will be assigned a specific war to research and create a presentation over that particular war. This will require them to integrate information from multiple sources in order to create their presentation.


We are working in our Geometry unit.

Science/Social Studies

We are working in our simple machines unit.

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