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News & Events at Freedom MS - Week of March 5th, 2023

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Welcome / Bienvenidos

Freedom Families,

A reminder that Monday, 3/6, there is no school in observance of Casimir Pulaski Day. Students will return in Tuesday 3/7. Another reminder that Tuesday, 3/7, will be a late start and students will begin class at 9:15.

Starting Monday, 3/13, student will be taking the IAR(Illinois Assessment of Readiness) test in class. Please begin speaking to your students the importance of trying their best on this test, so their score can be a true representation of their knowledge. This score will allow the school to provide the appropriate supports for each student.

Have a great week!

The Freedom Staff

Enrique Ojeda – Principal –

Matthew Rivera- Assistant Principal

Familias de Freedom,

Un recordatorio de que el lunes, 3/6, no hay escuela en observancia del Día de Casimir Pulaski. Los estudiantes volverán el martes 3/7. Otro recordatorio que el martes, 3/7, será un comienzo tarde y los estudiantes comenzarán la clase a las 9:15.

Comenzando el lunes, 3/13, los estudiantes tomaran el examen IAR (Illinois Assessment of Readiness) en clase. Por favor empiecen a hablar con sus estudiantes de la importancia de esforzarse al máximo en este examen, para que su calificación sea una verdadera representación de sus conocimientos. Esta puntuación permitirá a la escuela proporcionar los apoyos apropiados para cada estudiante.

El personal de Freedom

Enrique Ojeda – Director –

Matthew Rivera- Subdirector

Upcoming Important Dates / Próximas fechas importantes

3/6-Pulaski Day (No School)

3/7- Late Start

3/16- STEAM Night

3/31- End of Quarter

3/6-Día de Pulaski (No hay clases)

3/7- Comienzo tarde

3/16- Noche STEAM

3/31- Fin de Trimestre

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Morton Summer Bridge

Morton West Summer Bridge Registration has opened!

Freedom Middle School families, students who enroll in the program really get a great jumpstart to high school, earn high school credit, and get their laptop at the start of the summer.

The Summer Bridge program is available to all incoming freshmen students. This year we will continue to have a Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher, Art teacher, and Modern Language teacher as part of the Summer Bridge staff. During their math and English classes, students will have an opportunity to explore art, culinary arts, engineering, modern language, and much more.

Attached is a flyer for the program. Parents can register using the QR code or website on the attached poster.

¡La inscripción para el Puente de Verano de Morton West ha abierto!

Freedom Middle School familias, los estudiantes que se inscriban en el programa realmente obtener un gran salto de inicio a la escuela secundaria, ganar créditos de escuela secundaria, y obtener su computadora portátil al comienzo del verano.

El programa Summer Bridge está disponible para todos los estudiantes de primer año. Este año seguiremos contando con un profesor de Educación Profesional y Técnica (CTE), un profesor de Arte y un profesor de Lenguas Modernas como parte del personal de Summer Bridge. Durante sus clases de matemáticas e inglés, los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de explorar el arte, artes culinarias, ingeniería, lengua moderna, y mucho más.

Se adjunta un folleto para el programa. Los padres pueden inscribirse utilizando el código QR o el sitio web en el cartel adjunto.

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What's Happening in ELA/Lo que está pasando en ELA

6th grade students began their official research for their argumentative papers this week. They will spend this week and next week finding evidence to support their claim on a technology topic.

In 7th grade, students continue to track evidence for guilt or innocence in the podcast, Serial. They are learning how to distinguish between logos (head) and pathos (heart) evidence.

This week 8th grade students are finishing their Holocaust book club books and participating in their final student-led discussion. Students have shown growth with their ongoing discussions throughout the unit. Some groups have even turned their discussions into a podcast!

Whats Happening in AIMES ELA/ Lo que está pasando en ELA de AIMES

Check out the 6th grade AIMES students’ charity PSAs on the ELA Freedom YouTube channel - LINK. They worked well in their small groups to research a problem in the world and find a charity that is helping to solve that problem. They wrote scripts and used their iMovie skills to create an informational public service announcement. In the argument reading unit, students have been learning the parts of an argument and how to identify them in articles. They have read articles, determined the claim, and then found reasons and evidence to support that claim.

7th grade AIMES ELA is identifying the parts of an argument while reading articles in the argument reading unit. This week students are focusing on claims, reasons, and evidence. The argument reading unit will help students be able to determine strong vs. weak arguments and recognize author bias.

During the intolerance book club unit, 8th grade AIMES students are learning small group discussion skills and discussing the exposition and author’s use of characterization in their book and explaining their thoughts to their peers. There is a strong emphasis on annotating as they read to produce stronger book club discussions, and these skills are being modeled with the Diary of Anne Frank play, as well as the novel in verse Chlorine Sky. 8th graders enjoyed their trip to Chicago this week to see the play of Chlorine Sky at Steppenwolf Theater.

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6th grade math has started Desmos Unit 6 Expressions and Equations and are off to a great start finding the value of unknown variables. We are learning how to use inverse, or opposite, operations to solve problems. We recently installed the SolveMe Mobiles app to our iPads so we can practice balancing “hangar diagram” puzzles as a fun way to increase understanding of new skills.

8th Grade is currently in Unit 8. The first part of the unit is on the Pythagorean Theorem. Students will understand that square roots and cube roots represent the edge length of squares and cubes, and approximate their values. They will also use the Pythagorean theorem and its converse to reason about right triangles and find unknown measurements.

6th Grade Aimes will be continuing their unit on Percentages. Students will be interpreting and solving problems about real-world situations involving proportional relationships and percent change.

7th Grade Aimes will be continuing their unit on Writing and Solving Equations and Inequalities. Students will be writing and solving equations with multiple occurrences of one variable.

8th Grade Aimes will be finishing their Algebra Unit on Exponential Functions. Students will use properties of exponents to make sense of compound interest rates.

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Whats Happening in Science / Lo que está pasando en ciencia

This week, sixth grade finished their Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate unit. We took our assessment at the end of the week. We will begin our Weather unit next week.

This week 8th graders are beginning their unit on Light Waves and finishing their roller coaster physics projects. During their Light Waves Unit they will learn about how light travels, how different types of light interact with different materials, and how some types of light can cause skin cancer.

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Whats Happening in Social Studies / Lo que está pasando en Estudios sociales

6th Grade

Sixth graders are starting the Ancient Greece unit this week. We will begin by introducing key vocabulary words and will follow that up with the geography of Greece. The essential question of this unit will be whether or not Greece and its city-states were united or divided.

7th Grade

Seventh graders have started a short, but exciting unit for an Economics standard. Students will be learning all about supply and demand and how the availability of goods and services impacts the price of those goods and services. Students participated in a marketplace simulation where they were assigned the role of either a buyer or seller in our classroom marketplace. They then had the opportunity to bargain for the price of the items for sale. Some of the items were in short supply which drove up the price!

8th Grade

We will continue studying the important topic of the Holocaust into the month of March. We have been learning about the Concentration Camps that the Germans used against the Jewish population of Europe. Students will be researching a topic with a partner and then presenting to their peers. We will be looking at poetry and art that came out of the Holocaust and students will create their own.

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This week in ART:

6th Grade - Focusing on Value and shading to create form and dimension.

7th Grade - Working on a symmetrical design project creating a playing card painting.

8th Grade - Continuing work on their Triptych project focusing on Value.

This week in MUSIC:

6th Grade - Students will be taking their unit 1 assessment, last week they reviewed and prepared for it.

7th Grade - Students will be taking their unit 1 assessment, last week they reviewed and prepared for it.

8th Grade - Students will be finishing the musical unit with their final project.


Students are wrapping up gameplay from their hockey unit. Their main focus during these games is on sportsmanship and safely using equipment.

In addition to hockey, students are spending time each day in our fitness center. There they are learning to calculate heart rates as well as how various types of exercise affect their heart rate.

Some students have chosen to participate in rock-climbing as an elective option where they are learning the basics.

This week in SOCIAL JUSTICE:

7th Grade: We will explore the impact of institutional racism on our culture and ourselves. We will also take time to consider the social justice implications of the New York Times’ investigation of illegal migrant child labor and celebrate the activism Reshma Saujani, the founder of the girls who code movement. We will also continue our ongoing meditations on creativity as a habit and disposition that can lead to resilience.

8th Grade: We will explore the impact of institutional racism on our culture and ourselves and we will research national and local organizations that work for social justice. We will also take time to consider the social justice implications of the New York Times’ investigation of illegal migrant child labor by developing a nuanced stance on the issue. We will celebrate the activism Reshma Saujani, the founder of the girls who code movement by promoting her work and cause. We will also continue our ongoing meditations on creativity as a habit and disposition that can lead to resilience.

This week in SPANISH (7th-8th Grades)/WORLD CULTURES (6th Grade):

6th Grade: Students will learn the important role that key cities have played in Italian society past and present.

7th Grade: Students will learn how to use the definite and indefinite articles for each Spanish noun given.

8th Grade: Students will learn how to write the colors in Spanish both in singular and plural forms.

This week in STEAM:

6th Grade: Designing and testing their new Puzzle Cubes

7th Grade: Energy Expo topics assigned. Researching topics and creating poster boards for Solar, Tidal, Hydro-electric, Geothermal, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Biomass, and Wind.

8th Grade: Learning about Maps & Navigation as it relates to Flight. Students will create flight plans, and map out checkpoints along the way.

Nurse's Corner/Rincón de la enfermera

Good afternoon, Freedom Families,

Students have been getting sick earlier than usual this fall—and in higher numbers. It’s not just from COVID-19, either. Common colds and other viruses that nearly vanished during the pandemic are back, and children are crowding emergency rooms in some parts of the country with illnesses such as flu, RSV, rhinoviruses, and other ailments.

As people of all ages remain at risk of COVID-19, flu, RSV, and other common infections, it is important to take the following precautions:

  • Get vaccinated against COVID-19 and flu.
  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly.
  • Cover cough and don't touch your face.

Sign up your student for FREE Weekly SHIELD (COVID -19) Testing at School-

What to look for ~ a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Fevers
  • Chills
  • Headaches
  • Cough
  • Muscle soreness
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat

Keep your student home from school if these symptoms occur and call your pediatrician for a medical appointment if the symptoms continue.

Call the school nurse with questions or concerns.

Nurse Villagomez




Buenas tardes, Familias de Freedom,

Los estudiantes se enfermaron antes de lo habitual este otoño, y en mayor número. Tampoco se trata sólo de COVID-19. Los resfriados comunes y otros virus que casi desaparecieron durante la pandemia han regresado, y los niños están abarrotando las salas de emergencia en algunas partes del país con enfermedades como la gripe, el RSV, los rinovirus y otras dolencias.

Dado que las personas de todas las edades siguen estando en riesgo de contraer COVID-19, gripe, RSV y otras infecciones comunes, es importante tomar las siguientes precauciones:

  • Vacúnate contra el COVID-19 y la gripe.
  • Lávese las manos con frecuencia y minuciosamente.
  • Cubra la tos y no se toque la cara.

Inscríbase a Pruebas GRATIS de SHIELD (COVID-19) para su estudiante en la escuela cada semana-

Qué buscar ~ una combinación de los siguientes síntomas:

  • fiebres
  • escalofríos
  • dolores de cabeza
  • tos
  • Dolor muscular
  • fatiga
  • vómitos
  • diarrea
  • dificultad para respirar
  • nariz que moquea
  • dolor de garganta

Mantenga a su estudiante en casa y no vaya a la escuela si se presentan estos síntomas y llame a su pediatra para programar una cita médica si los síntomas continúan.

Llame a la enfermera de la escuela si tiene preguntas o inquietudes.

Enfermera Villagomez




Counselor Corner

The Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Program is a selective five-year, pre-college scholarship open to high-performing 7th grade students with some financial need. It provides comprehensive academic and college advising, as well as financial support for high school. There are Cooke-sponsored summer programs, internships, music/art lessons, support for the purchase of hardware and software needs, and other learning enrichment opportunities that are specific to the student. The application opens February 9 and will close May 11, 2023.

El Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Program es una beca preuniversitaria selectiva de cinco años abierta a estudiantes de 7º curso de alto rendimiento con alguna necesidad económica. Proporciona asesoramiento académico y universitario completo, así como apoyo financiero para la escuela secundaria. Hay programas de verano patrocinados por Cooke, prácticas, clases de música/arte, apoyo para la compra de hardware y software necesario, y otras oportunidades de enriquecimiento del aprendizaje que son específicas para el estudiante. La solicitud se abre el 9 de febrero y se cerrará el 11 de mayo de 2023.

Student IDs/ID del estudiante

A reminder that students are expected to wear their IDs every day. If a student loses an ID, they would need to purchase a new one. If a student forgets their ID, and they have it at home they will need to purchase a temporary ID from the office. The cost for a new ID is $5 and temp ID is $1. Please reach out to the office if you have any questions.

Un recordatorio de que se espera que los estudiantes usen sus identificaciones todos los días. Si un estudiante pierde su identificación, tendrá que comprar una nueva. Si un estudiante se olvida de su identificación, y lo tienen en casa tendrán que comprar una identificación temporal de la oficina. El costo de una nueva identificación es de $5 y la identificación temporal es de $1. Por favor, póngase en contacto con la oficina si tiene alguna pregunta.

Athletic program/ programa atlético

Dear Parent/Guardian:
If you child has decided to participate in the Freedom Middle School Athletic program, they will need a signed permission slip, sports physical and a paid $25.00 Athletic fee.

Estimado padre/tutor:

Si su hijo(a) ha decidido participar en el programa atlético de la Escuela Intermedia Freedom, necesitará una hoja de permiso firmada, un examen físico deportivo y el pago de una cuota atlética de $25.00.

Athletic Eligibility/Elegibilidad Atlética


Student athletes will be responsible for completing an eligibility form for sports.This will then continue for the rest of the year for the remaining seasons. The procedure for this is below.

  1. Students will get a paper copy of the blank form, no later than Wednesday of each week. The folder containing the blank form and the folder to turn them in will be located on the bulletin board by Ms. Esser's office.
  2. Students will take a blank form, write down their name and take it to all of their teachers and the office. They will have Wed-Fri to complete the form, allowing time for A and B days. If a teacher or student is absent, Friday during excel they need to ask for permission to get anything they missed.
  3. Teachers should complete the form using information from the prior week to complete this form. ( example the form turned in on the 10/7, will be based on 10/3-10/7)
  4. Students turn in completed form to the folder attached to the bulletin board by Ms. Esser's office by the end of the day on Friday.
  5. If this is not completed, the student does not participate the following week. If they have under 70 points they will not participate the following week.
  6. If a student is INELIGIBLE, parent/guardian will be notified and the sheet will be sent home and returned with a parent/guardian signature.


Los estudiantes atletas serán responsables de completar un formulario de elegibilidad para los deportes. Esto continuará por el resto del año para las temporadas restantes. El procedimiento para esto es abajo.

  1. Los estudiantes recibirán una copia en papel del formulario en blanco, a más tardar el miércoles de cada semana. La carpeta que contiene el formulario en blanco y la carpeta para entregarlos estará ubicada en el tablón de anuncios junto a la oficina de la Sra. Esser.
  2. Los estudiantes tomarán un formulario en blanco, escribirán su nombre y lo llevarán a todos sus profesores y a la oficina. Tendrán de miércoles a viernes para completar el formulario, dejando tiempo para los días A y B. Si un profesor o un alumno está ausente, el viernes durante el excel tienen que pedir permiso para conseguir todo lo que han perdido.
  3. Los profesores deben completar el formulario utilizando la información de la semana anterior para completar este formulario. ( ejemplo el formulario entregado el 10/7, se basara en el 10/3-10/7)
  4. Los estudiantes entregan el formulario completado en la carpeta adjunta al tablón de anuncios por la oficina de la Sra. Esser al final del día el viernes.
  5. Si no se completa, el estudiante no participa la semana siguiente. Si tienen menos de 70 puntos no participarán la semana siguiente.
  6. Si un estudiante es INELIGIBLE, el padre/tutor será notificado y la hoja será enviada a casa y devuelta con la firma del padre/tutor.

Para la temporada deportiva de otoño la última hoja se entregará el 21 de octubre.


Student Ambassadors - Anthony & Lentz

Student Council - Rubich

NJHS - Bomba & Aeschleman

Band- J. Clark

Choir - Cervantes

Guitar Club - Cervantes

Spring Musical - Cervantes

Robotics - Auld

Anime - Zaragoza

GSA - Humphris

Yearbook-Lavin and Michalica

Freedom Drop Off and Pick Up/ Entrega y recogida de Freedom

Freedom Families,

For parents dropping off and picking up students; the bus lane and parking lot will be closed to vehicles during drop-off and pick-up. These areas will be blocked off and only busses will be allowed access to the bus lane.

If you are coming from south of the Burlington-Northern Railroad Tracks, we ask that you cross the tracks at East Avenue and proceed to 31st Street. Travel east on 31st Street to drop off students on 31st Street at Ridgeland, south of the viaduct. If you are coming from the north, please turn right/west onto 31st street and again, drop off the students on 31st street south of the viaduct.

We also ask that you do not park on the east side of Ridgeland, across from the school. It is unsafe for students to cross across Ridgeland in the middle of the block and they should only cross at the corner.

Thank you for your help in keeping our students as safe as possible during pick-up and drop-off times.

Para los padres que dejan y recogen a los estudiantes, el carril de autobús y el estacionamiento estarán cerrados a los vehículos durante la entrega y la recogida. Estas áreas estarán bloqueadas y solo los autobuses tendrán acceso al carril de autobuses.

Si viene desde el sur de Burlington-Northern Railroad Tracks (las vías del tren), le pedimos que cruce las vías en East Avenue y continúe hasta 31st Street. Diríjase hacia el Este por 31st Street para dejar a los estudiantes en 31st Street en Ridgeland, al sur del puente. Si viene del norte, gire a la derecha / oeste en la calle 31 y, nuevamente, deje a los estudiantes en la calle 31 al sur del puente.

También le pedimos que no se estacione en el lado este de Ridgeland, frente a la escuela. No es seguro para los estudiantes cruzar Ridgeland en el medio de la cuadra y solo deben cruzar en la esquina.

Gracias por su ayuda para mantener a nuestros estudiantes lo más seguros posible durante las horas de recogida y devolución.

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P.E. Uniforms/ Uniforme de educación física

Students will wear P.E. uniforms beginning August 29th. P.E. uniforms are for sale in the Freedom Office.

Los estudiantes comenzarán a usar P.E. uniformes el 29 de agosto .Los uniformes de educación física están a la venta en la Oficina de Freedom.

  • PE Shirt/Camisa de educación física - $10
  • PE Shorts/Pantalones cortos de educación física- $15
  • Sweatshirt with no hood/Sudadera sin capucha - $20
  • Sweatpants/Pantalones deportivos- $20

Covid Testing and SHIELD Testing /Pruebas para el COVID y prueba de saliva SHIELD

District 100 will again be offering SHIELD saliva testing for weekly screening for COVID-19. The SHIELD program is voluntary and students will only participate once a signed consent is received. Please be aware that if your child participated in the SHIELD weekly screening program last year, the consent was only good for one year and a new one needs to be submitted. We ask that all interested families submit a consent prior to the start of the school year. SHIELD screening is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of August 29.


District 100 will also continue to provide BINAX-Now antigen testing to any student experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. BINAX-Now is a nasal swab that provides a result in approximately fifteen minutes and will only be administered at school at the request of a parent. If you would like to submit a consent for BINAX-Now to have on file for the upcoming school year, please complete the consent below. Again, the consent will simply be on file and a student will only be given a BINAX-Now test at school following a parent/guardian conversation with the nurse and with written consent from a parent/guardian.


Thank you for your continued support in keeping our students and staff safe and healthy.

El Distrito 100 estará ofreciendo nuevamente la prueba de saliva SHIELD saliva como un control semanal para COVID-19. El programa SHIELD es voluntario y los estudiantes participarán solamente cuando se haya recibido un consentimiento firmado. Por favor sepa que si su hijo/a participó en el programa de control semanal el año pasado, el consentimiento fue válido por un año solamente y se necesita entregar uno nuevo. Pedimos que todas las familias interesadas entreguen su consentimiento antes del comienzo del año escolar. El control SHIELD está programado para comenzar la semana del 29 de agosto tentativamente.


El Distrito 100 también continuará proveyendo la prueba antígeno BINAX-Now para cualquier estudiante que esté experimentando síntomas de COVID-19. BINAX-Now es un hisopado nasal que brinda un resultado en quince minutos aproximadamente y será administrada solamente en la escuela por pedido de un padre/madre. Si a usted le gustaría entregar un consentimiento para BINAX-Now para tenerlo en archivo para el año escolar venidero, por favor complete el consentimiento debajo. Otra vez, el consentimiento estará en el archivo simplemente y un estudiante será dado una prueba BINAX-Now en la escuela después de una conversación con la enfermera y con el consentimiento escrito de un padre/madre/tutor.


Gracias por su apoyo continuo en mantener a nuestros estudiantes y personal seguros y saludables.

Student Schedule / Horario estudiantil

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Report Bullying / Informar el acoso

Please use the Stop!t App to report bulling anonymously. Students can use it to report behaviors they see in person or online.

Utilice la aplicación Stop!t para denunciar el acoso de forma anónima. Los estudiantes pueden usarlo para informar los comportamientos que ven en persona o en línea.

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Treats for Troops

FMS will be collecting Treats for Troops on November 1st. Bring any leftover Halloween candy to support our Military Troops!

FMS estará recolectando "Treats for Troops" el 1 de noviembre. ¡Traiga cualquier caramelo sobrante de Halloween para apoyar a nuestras Tropas Militares!