KSD Spring Tech News

Tech Integration News for Kelso Staff Members

New Look for eMail

Out with OWA, In With Office 365

Our tech team has been busy behind the scenes moving our email to an updated system. You may have noticed a difference in the online interface. You can access this from any of our district website pages by clicking on the "District email" link at the top of the website. If you use email on your phone, you will need to delete your old account and add it back. Below are some tutorials to help you navigate the new system. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how to effectively use your email software, let me know and we can set up an appointment. This tutorial website also has several topics that might be helpful. A special thank you to Cody Reid and Randy Toney for their work on this project.

Directions for iPhone

Directions for Android

General Login Instructions

Tips for Using Outlook Online

Spring Cleaning- May 22nd

2:30-5:30 in Room C3 KHS- 3 Clock Hours

Topics Covered:

  • How to use Windows Explorer to access and organize files on your computer
  • How to organize emails by creating folders and contact groups
  • How to organize your Internet bookmarks/favorites using bookmarks manager
  • Plus, learn several organizational and Windows 7/10 tips and tricks including how to back your files up to Google Drive and organize Google Drive
  • Leave with a cleaner, more organized computer!
  • Register Here

Spring Cleaning

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2:30-5:30pm

Kelso High School- Room C3

Missing Your Goo.gl URL Shortener?

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Many of us have relied on the Goo.gl extension to shorten lengthy website addresses, especially those long ones for Google Forms. Google has retired this tool and the extension stopped working mid-April. Luckily, there is a substitute tool we can use. Bitly has a Chrome extension that is similar to Goo.gl. You can install it here. When you click on the extension, a window opens on the right side of your screen that allows you to copy your shortened link. You can even customize the link as long as you come up with something that isn't already in use.
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Washington State has just passed legislation requiring schools to track participation in computer science courses. See this article for more information.

Girls are historically underrepresented in computer science classes, and Kelso isn't any different. Our high school computer science classes tend to have more boys than girls, but we are hoping to change that. The 2016-19 Tech Plan encouraged the establishment of K-8 Computer Clubs and several schools stepped up to the plate. The club advisors encourage students to explore computer programming and robotics in an open, exploratory format and girls are learning right alongside the boys. Our hope is that as our young girls gain confidence and experience in STEM explorations, they may be more likely to continue taking computer science classes in high school and beyond.

Companies like Microsoft and Google seek out female applicants because they see the need for diversity in their work force. Our computer science classes at the high school had the opportunity to hear Bonnie Ross, the VP in charge of Halo, speak when they attended the Computer Science Fair in Bellevue this spring.

"We need to prioritize exposure to computer science at a younger age," she says. "If we help connect art and technology for kids at a younger age, we can foster diversity and growth for the gaming industry as a whole." Bonnie Ross

You can help by encouraging ALL of your students to explore computer science fields as a possible career option.

What Happens to Google Accounts When Staff and Students Leave?

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When staff or students leave the district, Google Accounts are allowed to remain active for several months. This allows users time to remove the documents they want to keep and transfer them to a non-district Google account. The directions for doing that can be found here. After several months of inactivity or a year after the account owner leaves, we will delete accounts. Staff documents will be transferred to a 'holding account" where they can be retrieved upon request. Student documents are not saved. Once an account is deleted, anyone who had shared access to any documents owned by that account will no longer have access, so it's important for those users to make copies of any documents they would still like to use. Users can also transfer ownership of a document from one district user to another or move them to a Team Drive. Feel free to contact me with any questions on how this can be done.

How'd You Get Your Bitmoji on Here?

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I've had a few folks ask me how to link their Bitmoji avatars to their computers for use in documents and profile pictures. You'll need a Smartphone or tablet and the Bitmoji app to create your Bitmoji if you don't already have one. Don't use the sign in with Snapchat option. Once you've created your Bitmoji, download the Bitmoji Chrome extension in your Chrome Browser. It will ask you to sign in with your Bitmoji account the first time you use it. Then you'll be one click away from your favorite Bitmoji pics. You can right click on the images to copy or download them. Here's a good tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvfvcWdKyRs

Brenda Sargent

Tech Integration Specialist- my job is to help teachers who would like to use tech tools to enhance instruction. My years in the classroom help me to understand the challenges teachers face when trying to integrate technology.