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SOAR is an acronym that stands for Stand Out And be Recognized. This is a special incentive system where students will be recognized and given a ticket when they have gone above and beyond, making good choices as well as putting effort into improving behaviors. There will be lockboxes to house these tickets and will frequently draw winners. As stated, this is a way to really recognize students that are good citizens and self-directed learners.

We will be recognizing students according to Wredlings "Guidelines for Success" I can: Be responsible, be respectful, be positive, be honest, be kind, persevere.

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Operation Love: Valentines for Veterans

Earlier this month, 6th grade students participated in a community service project for Operation Love: Valentines for Veterans. Students created several valentines which will be shared with active service men and women and veterans.

Saints Helping Hawks

Saints Helping Hawks has started! If your child needs some tutoring or homework help after school, the students from East High School are ready and willing to help with ALL subjects. Saints Helping Hawks meets virtually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-4:45. For more information, please fill out this Google form, and one of the sponsors (Ms. Parikh or Mrs. Breon) will get in touch with you with more information.

Learning Logs and Agendas

Most teachers have made available to students a learning log or agenda slide. This is a comprehensive, running record of all the activities (both in person and asynchronous work) that students are completing. These documents are made available in Classroom and on the 6th grade Hub. Students can use this to verify the work that they are completing and/or access missing work from days they are absent from school.

Subject Updates - Language Arts

ELA classes have been busy studying the components of nonfiction text. We have focused on 4 main pieces: text features, author's purpose, text structure, and main/central idea. Students have had the opportunity to hear their teachers model how to annotate nonfiction articles specifically for these 4 components. We have discussed how these components contribute to the overall comprehension of nonfiction text. Students who engaged in the lessons along with their teachers have performed very well, but the students who have not followed along or completed the work are struggling a bit. Summative assessments in reading nonfiction text were given last week, and teachers met to discuss how to best meet student needs before moving forward onto our nonfiction writing assignment. We decided to spend this week continuing to hone students' skills on identifying those 4 components of nonfiction, with teacher guidance and modeling, and we will give another "mini summative" this week. Students should also be completing a book review on the most recent book that they have finished reading. Students will need to have another book finished by the week of March 15. Next week, we will begin transitioning into nonfiction writing. Students will need to use everything they learned during the nonfiction reading unit in order to be successful on the writing assignment.

Subject Updates - Math

Students have been building their number sense throughout our current unit on dividing fractions. We have been working without a calculator, drawing models, and making connections. We finally have that "A-ha" moment of understanding whey multiplying by the reciprocal works when dividing fractions. Students have also listened to and found their own songs online to help them remember this algorithm. The Unit Summative will be the week of February 22nd - 26th. Please check learning logs for specifics and check in with your child to make sure all their Unit 4 work is complete!

Subject Updates - Social Studies

We're starting our next unit on Greece. Two big questions that we will be exploring during our study of ancient Greece are How does geography impact how we live and How do civilizations make decisions about how their government will work? In addition to investigating these questions through the ancient lens, we will bring in modern examples to draw similarities and differences.

Looking to support your child in social studies? Each student has a packet for the unit. This is where students take notes and complete processing activities to support their new learning. Ask to see your child's packet. If there are any incomplete pages, ask if that page should be complete. We tend to go in order and we post which activities we do on the learning log and HAC>

Subject Updates - Science

Last week, students had their first quiz on the Land, Water and Human Interactions unit over activities 1-6. Overall, 6th graders did very well! Keep it up!

Students scoring B's or lower had the opportunity to increase their score by completing a "Retake Reflection". Please check with your child if there is a low quiz score on HAC about using the "Retake Reflection" as a chance to relearn some important information, as well as boost the quiz score.

Currently, we have been experimenting with water contaminants, water quality, and rivers to more fully understand human's impact on our water resources. This week, students will continue to journey through the water cycle analyzing how changes to the water cycle and water quality can affect the environment.

Questions, Concerns, Things You Want Us to Know??

This year, students will be challenged to grow in many ways and if they are willing to work hard, you will love the direction that this journey will take. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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