best shoes for running

So today I wanted to go over the best foods for men of the year to give you guys exact examples and models with the link of each of them in the description below. So you can go and check them out and hopefully get your own pair to look amazing, of course, stay warm this year and just a reminder that I just started a free newsletter that I'm really proud of.

Where I send you guys. Emails with you know, bonus fashion tips, personal stories about me and some confidence building tips that you guys seem to really like as well. The link is in the description right below the article, so it would mean the world to me if you guys would go check it out, and let me know what you think: alright, let's start with some military boots, shall we they are definitely having a moment right Now and a trendy, you know - and let me tell you why these commando or combat or military boots are usually pretty comfortable once you break them in all their footwear, it can be flimsy, they can hurt your feet, but definitely not the military boots.

These babies are made to last they're made to keep your feet safe from whatever comes your way, and you know they have a thick sole they're, definitely rugged, and they give you that military look and feel my favorite are the Doc Martens. I'Ve had these for a while now and I love them they're, also not that expensive. So you can best running shoes under 1000 have a couple of them if you want different colors and style, they're really chunky.

So just keep that in mind if you're short, for example - and you have maybe like huge feet - and maybe these aren't for you - because they're going to take over your whole outfit, the murdered-out matte black is awesome. It'S easy to style, but the brown is also beautiful and stands out depending on what you're wearing I'll leave the link for them below. I also really liked these from Thursday boots they're more sleek than the docs, but they give you all the benefits of a military boot.

The difference is, you can actually dress them up a little bit more, so they're, more versatile. In my opinion, at least all of these boots in description below so make sure to go check them out next up, of course, you guessed it chelsea boots. I really think Chelsea boots are amazing and, as you guys know, it's my favorite of all time and that's because it's easy to pull off both in terms of like physically pulling them out and putting them on and also in terms of matching them to a bunch Of different outfits that you currently oh there's sneak, but they still keep your feet warm and safe.