Laura Bush Middle School

Parent Updates & FYI's - March 26

Pirates Learn@Home

As we embark into the Pirates Learn@Home initiative, we feel that consistency is key. Our students and teachers have used Google Classroom regularly, and we believe it is best for them to continue to utilize this method of online instruction and communication. The following outlines our plan:

● Teachers will post all assignments through Google Classroom.

● Assignments will be uploaded Friday prior to the start of the next week.

● Teachers will be available for virtual office hours weekly.

● A schedule for campus office hours will be included in the campus folder.

● Each teacher will include a link to their office hours in their Google Classroom.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The best way to contact one of your child's teachers outside of their office hours will be through Google Classroom or district email.

(806) 776--0750 Laura Bush Middle School

Campuses are currently closed, including front offices. If you call during regular school hours, you will be directed to a voicemail option. Please leave your name, call-back number, and question or message. Campus office staff are remotely receiving immediate voicemail notices and will respond as quickly as possible.


Our goal for distance learning is to provide foundational instruction needed to ensure the mastery of grade-level standards. Our main focus is on providing instruction for the core subjects, with enrichment provided through fine arts and physical education.

We will provide learning opportunities aligned to the most essential TEKS.

  • Core classes will follow a revised scope and sequence provided by LCISD C&I Department of the most essential learning goals.
  • Detailed instructions will be provided to students through Google Classroom

Instruction Time/Lesson Information

Students will access materials at different times according to their family schedules.

Suggested times per day for core subjects:

  • ELA - one hour

  • Math - one hour

  • Science - one hour

  • Social Studies - one hour

  • Electives - 30 minutes


“Virtual Office Hours for Teachers” will be set to communicate with students and parents to answer learn-at-home questions or help with assignments.

  • Teachers will check-in at least twice a week with students/parents to ascertain welfare as well as answer learning at home questions through Google Classroom and/or Google Hangouts Meet.

  • Teachers will post each week’s assignments no later than the Friday before the upcoming week.

  • Teachers will post the Assignment Agenda to Google Classroom.

  • Students will use the Assignment Agenda to keep up with daily assignments.

**Students may only use Google Hangout Meets for live check-in with teachers during virtual office hours.

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**For easy access, links to the virtual meetings will be posted to Google Classroom

Google Hangouts Meet

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Grading Procedures

  • Official grades for at-home Learning will not be taken during the week of March 30-April 3, 2020, as this is a week dedicated to student learning within the online/virtual environment.

  • It’s expected that teachers will monitor progress and provide feedback to students.

  • Further guidance will be provided if at-home learning extends beyond April 3, 2020.

Online Class Expectations

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Online Etiquette

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