By: Jeff Probst

Lydia's Book Recommendation

Have you ever wondered what would happen if survival was left up to four kids?Or do you just like survival stories? If either of those things are true for you then I recommend the Stranded series by Jeff Probst.

The first thing I liked about the Stranded series is that their were only like three or four boring parts in the WHOLE book! So, it was exciting.

The second thing I liked about the book was the character Jane. What I liked about her was that she was the youngest and the smartest of the group. She wasn't just smart about how to survive in the rain forest but, she also has this calmness and like common sense that helps her get through being stranded on a desert island.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes survival stories or if you're just interested now that you've read this. I would recommend this book to grades 3,4,5.
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