By:Nick Carney

Charachter analasys

Isabel and her sister had a nice owner ( Mrs. Finch), but when she passes they are sold to mean loyalists on Ney York island which they were in Rhode Island. These loyalists had many dirty secrets that Isabel finds out and tries to tell. Isabel goes through a lot.


In the exposition Isabel and Ruth were being sold. The rising action they find out they are loyalists and they try to kill George Washington, Ruth starts to get sick. In the climax Madame gets scared and separates Ruth from Isabel and says she sold her. In the falling action Isabel is mad and tells Curzon, her friend and they get ideas. In the resolution she finds Ruth! They escape in the very end.

Book and plot


Setting and author

The setting is in Rhode island then in Ney York island in the Locktons mansion and in the city. The author is Laurie Halse Anderson.


Isabel and her sister Ruth got a new owner that are loyalists that are mean. They try to kill George Washington, but Isabel gets suspicious. Ruth gets very sick, and Madame gets scared so she gets rid of Ruth and says she sold her. Isabel is furious. Her best friend Curzon is a rebel and is put in jail so she helps. She finds Rut, and beaks Curzon out and they run away.