How to Overthrow a Kingdom

Reasons of the overthrow

The overthrow of Hawaii on January 17, 1893 was supported by John L Stevens, president Grover Cleveland ,an president Benjamin Harrison

Historical Significants

If it wasn't for any of these guys actions, Hawaii wouldn't have been annexed to america on January 17 ,1893. This topic is important in history because if it wasn't for the overthrow and annexation of hawaii, america probably wouldnt have pearl harbor which could have been a downfall in war that was overseas. Some unintended consequences could be the lost of the Hawaiian culture dew to the fact that america wanted Hawaii's government and way of life to bell like theirs. But if america didn't teach us their ways of life and government, then Hawaiian life COULD have been extinct because of their lack of resources and inability to adapt to new inventions like the car, guns, and other technology.

Is hawaii legally and lawfully a state pf the union?

I ink that Hawaii is Lawfully and Legally a state of the union based on all of the paperwork that did like the signing of the Bayonet constitution. I just don't think that it was fair that Thurston used Liliuokalani's and the peoples suggestions in government as an excuse to overthrow the queen I mean they were suggestions not demands.

The raising of the new Hawaiian flag

In the images below, Hawaii is raising the new Hawaiian flag which represents the annexation of Hawaii and America. the flag is a combination of Americas red and whit stripes ,l Hawai'i's union jack, and Britain's blue and white stripes.


A synopsis of traditional Hawaiian culture. events leading to the 1887 Bayonet constitution and the overthrow of the Hawaiian government - By Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa