Georges Seurat

Died at age 31

Background History

Seurat was born in Paris, France. His parents were very wealthy, because his dad was legal officer. At age 19, he attended several sculpting and art schools, until in 1879, at age 20, he went into the military. After a year in the military, he returned to France with a friend, Aman-Jean. They shared a studio there until 1890, then Seurat moved away with his wife. In 1890, his first and only son was born. A year later he died at age 31 from unknown causes, and a week later his son randomly dies.

Seurat and Pointillism

Georges Seurat was vaguely involved with Post-Impressionism, but he is known for being the founder of Pointillism. Pointillism is a form of painting where you make a painting using small dots. Seurat's pointillistic paintings inspired many painters after him to use his style of painting.

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My Favorite Art Piece

I like this because I can tell it took a really long time to complete and I can see all the individual dots. It also has a very nice blend to it.