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Mowing lawns since 1830's

The Lawn Mower

Is your grass getting to long? Does your yard look terrible? Well you need this product. What you do is just push it around you lawn and it cuts the grass for you. Many people have it. You don't want to be the one on the block with the bad lawn. Do you? Come out now and buy one for yourself.
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Lawn Mower

Look at the pictures above. The top picture is one where that person didn't own a lawn mower. The second picture is a person who has owned a lawn mower. Now what do you want your lawn to look like?

More Information

The lawn mower is a new device that will cut your grass like it's nothing. I learned that the mower was originally invented without electricity. You would just push it around and a blade in between the wheels would spin and chop the grass. Back then it didn't seem like a complicated device. But now some need gas. Some lawn mowers are electric. Is has really changed from back then.

It really effected people back then. Most people would hate their grass being to long, but now with the mower they can have the grass short and their yard will look nice. An effect it has on people today is, now they have riding mowers it makes it fun to cut my grass. Most people would hate to cut the grass standing up but with a riding mower it's really easy.

The persuasive technique I used was Bandwagon. I want people to think that they were the only one without this device. I feel like if I didn't have something, I would want to go out and buy it.