My Hero

My Hero is my Dad

My Hero is my Dad

My Dad's goal in life is to be happy. He tries to remember to smile more. His goal is reached everyday. People distract him from his goal. A major distraction in his life is work, he believes family is the focus. Pop is proud of raising good kids. Pop said that having excessive pride is pretty bad. A quote by my Dad, "life is an obstacle of obstacles," and that he overcomes this obstacle by living. He thinks there are many dangers in life's temptations and yes, he has been tempted to do something he didn't want to do. He told me that you can resist life's temptations by thinking about what you are doing, and considering if it's worth it. A big life decision he was faced with was if should have kids. He thought about it and weighed out his options. He doesn't regret his decision, he believes that the more responsibilities means more love. He's had to make difficult choices for us (his children). My dad's had many disloyal friends and a lot of people have let him down, but those losses have taught him valuable lessons.

About my dad

My dad's family is originally from Nigeria, but he was born in New Jersey and raised in Atlanta. He works for the Ad agency JWT. He directs commercials and comes up with some of the ideas. He's a really good artist and loves to make music. His favorite football team is the Ravens and his favorite baseball team is the Yankees. He helps me with everything and I can talk to him about anything

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