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A Peek Into Our Week


When a child understands the parts-whole relationship, they acquire a foundation for mathematics. Beyond addition, subtraction, fractions and time, this essential early concept opens the door for piecing words together to form sentences. The basic concept of a whole number being made up by parts is central to addition; if children can see the parts, then they can add the parts together to make the whole. Similarly, by taking away (subtracting) one of the parts from the whole, the children can find the missing part.


Letter: B

Begin in the writing corner

Big line down

Frog jump to the top

Little curve

Little curve.

Number: 10

Begin in the writing corner

Big line down.

Begin in the middle

Big curve

Go around.


Children in PreK Spanish class have been learning all about la ropa, clothing, and what to wear in the winter, invierno, and when it is cold, hace frío. We are learning a song to reinforce clothing vocabulary. It is sung to the tune of Skip to my Lou. Ask your child to sing it to you. It begins camisa, shirt….One of their favorite characters is Billy La Bufanda!! by Señor Wooly. We read Froggy se Viste, Froggy gets Dressed and what the character forgot to wear outside in the snow first, second and last. The children in PreK are having fun learning the Spanish language!

Valentine Reminder

Valentine's Day Celebration: Thursday, February 11

Just up ahead... hearts and hugs as Pre-K celebrates Valentine's Day. In preparation, students need to decorate a paper grocery or shopping bag with handles for our Valentine's exchange. Please be sure that your child's name is visible on the bag. Bags are due in class on or before Thursday, February 11th. Additionally, students should bring 11 signed Valentine's for our exchange that morning. (We ask that the cards not be addressed to individual children, just signed by your child.) Please remember we are a nut-free zone in the event that you attach a treat to your child's Valentine.

Important Dates

February 10th- 100th Day of School; no special clothing necessary, we will have 100th day activities in our afternoon centers.

February 11th- Students may wear jeans and either a red or pink t-shirt, shirt, or blouse.

February 11th- Valentine's Party (1:00-2:00) Students

February 12-15- Winter Break