The Dishwasher

By: Alayna, Lani, Tanner, and Sean

Josephine Cochrane is the inventor of the dishwasher, which she created in 1886

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Josephine invented the dishwasher to relieve her tired housewives of dish washing.


Josephine Cochrane was the first person to build an automatic dishwasher. It was a wooden wheel lying flat, in a copper boiler. Dishwashers clean dishes by spraying hot water on them, with the tempetures ranging from 130-170 degrees F. Josephine applied for a patent, and received it on December 18, 1886.

Problems the Dishwasher Solved

Would you get tired of having to hand wash every dish you used? I know I would. It's a good thing that Josephine Cochrane invented the first automatic dishwashing machine. It solved many problems including getting your dishes cleaned faster and saving you the inconvenience of cleaning your dishes by hand.

Opportunities for the dishwasher

Josephine showed her invention in 1893 at the World's Fair in Chicago. Soon, many stores were ordering her design.