Easter Edition

A Very Special Easter

I LOVE this 3:35 minute video of little kids answering questions about Easter and its meaning.The video uses child-like drawings and spelling. I think it would work for any grade level. If you don't use it in class, you might want to just watch for yourself to bring a smile to your face!

The Legend of the Trees--God's Purpose for Us

This 23-minute animation, teaches children and adults alike the significance of their role in God's plan.
The Legend of The Three Trees is a timeless retelling of the classic folktale of three distinct trees, each with its own hopes, dreams and aspirations of greatness.
But their dreams don't seem to come true. The trees despair about their existence until they each finally interact with Jesus Christ--one at His birth, one at His ministry and one at His ultimate sacrifice. They learn that God has a special purpose for each of them in His kingdom.

Correlating the Easter Story in the History Class

Designed like pages from a textbook, this lesson is easy to use with students. It paraphrases the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus as told by Luke. It highlights phrases commonly used in the English language, and it shows the story's relevance to history, art, music, and language arts.


Fiction and Non-Fiction Kids' Books

Book Flix, on has a fiction and non-fiction story about Easter. Besides the stories, be sure to check on the links on the left side of the page. "Explore the Web" will take you to six other sites that have Easter lessons, activities,stories, etc. for elementary kids.

OR Bookflix is linked on the left side of the page.

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Bunny Funnies!

Math Puzzles

Easter Crossword Puzzle

This is a fairly challenging crossword puzzle, especially since there isn't an answer sheet! Still, it might be a good filler for bigger kids. Good luck!


Easter Videos/Animations for Kids

Visit to the Holy Land

The Holy Land site explains its mission as such:
"To bring the Holy Land to those who just aren’t able to make the trip. We feel seeing videos is the next best thing to being there so we are dedicating this ministry to doing just that."
Below are examples of just three of the offerings of the site:

Songs for Easter

Virtual Tour of the Holy Land

This is another sight for photos of the Holy Land. Each slide gives a 360 degree panoramic photo.