Developing Art and Music Skills

What you can do at home!

There are so many things you can do at home with your child to foster an appreciation and better understanding of the arts! Its easier than you may think! When listening to music at home, ask your child if the artist is singing a solo, meaning by themselves, or a duet, with someone else. Does the music elicit a certain mood, making them sad or happy? Incorporate music with a fast tempo that has a lot of dynamics, meaning it gets loud of soft.
Introduce your child to different types, or genres, of music! Some music may not even have any instruments. An artist could be singing a capella, or without musical accompaniment. Have your child create their own a capella song and put on a performance! Students should be familiar with different types of instruments, so you could have them create their own. Children tend to gravitate toward percussion instruments because you can bang or shake them. You could also go to a store and purchase a recorder, which is a type of woodwind. Children love to blow into recorders and make up songs!
Your child is probably creating things at home all the time! When they bring you a piece of artwork, point out what shapes they incorporated and the colors they used. A fun thing to do with your child is to make a collage with things you find around the house! This is a form of art-making that will introduce your child to different textures in art. Perhaps you and your child could make a painting using contrasting colors to make the design stand out on the page. Another fun activity that children love is drawing something that has some sense of unity, like a scene on the playground. There are individual things, but when you look around, you see the playground as a whole. Talk to them about what that means!
Its easy to incorporate art and music into your daily lives. Get out there and explore!!

Ms. Bumgardner