Rountree Report

February 18, 2016

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I will be going to Sonic to get drinks on Tuesday to celebrate our student led conferences. Please email me what you would like with Sonic in the subject line. I need to hear from you by the end of the day Monday for you to be included in the order.

We are soon to wind down 3rd quarter. Time flies when you are having fun! Please make sure if you have a student that you are concerned about or you are considering retention for you have spoken to me and you have shared concerns with parents.


Testing guides, practice tests, and testing tools for the MAP are all now available on the district website at the link below. Students need to be using the testing tools now. The more familiar they are with them the better prepared they will be. The testing window is April 11 to May 13. A schedule will be coming soon!


  • I still need mid-year reflections from some of you. Please get me those ASAP!
  • Make sure you are promoting student led conferences with your kiddos! We are hoping for a great turn-out!
  • I need your spelling bee winners for your grade level as well as Alternate 1 and Alternate 2 as soon as you have those names.
  • Please make sure you take the Bright Bytes survey that was sent to you. We are striving for 100% participation. If you would also include the parent survey link in your newsletters that would be very helpful. Grades 3-5 please make a plan for your students to complete the survey in your classrooms, the lab, or the library.
  • Don't forget to schedule an observation! I would love to come and observe a lesson of your choosing this quarter. You might choose a lesson that highlights one or more of your growth indicators. It is up to you.
  • Don't forget to use the Friday Feedback form in Google. I appreciate those of you that are using this form. It helps me to be aware of issues and to provide the support you need. If you have trouble accessing the form let me know and I will share it with you directly.
  • Don't forget to recognize your colleagues by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. It has been so wonderful reading these. What an awesome, supportive team we have at Rountree!

McDonald's night is coming up on February 29th so add it to your calendar.

Staff meetings in March will tentatively be scheduled for March 15th and 29th

Monday, Feb 22

3rd grade field trip 11:30-2 (3rd grade will eat lunch at 11)

Minecraft Club 3:45

Tuesday, Feb 23

Talent show tryouts 2:00

4-5 Student Led Conferences

Wednesday, Feb 24

Math competition practice 8:00

1st grade spelling bee in gym 9:30

grades 3,4,5 Voice assembly 1-3:30

I will be out in the afternoon.

Thursday, Feb 25

Minecraft Club 3:45

Friday, Feb 26

I will be out all day at Leadership Springfield

Check out her passionate performance!


When students are passionate about something the level of engagment increases. I was reminded of this last night when Missie was describing the Exhibition project selection process. This is true for adults as well. What are you passionate about? How might you embrace that passion?

Employee Recognition

Take some time to nominate a colleague this week. You are doing outstanding things! Let's recognize each other!