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February 22-26

Pennies for Patients

Listed below is a summary of the spirit week activities planned for our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Pennies for patients campaign. Feel free to copy and paste this information in your newsletters.

1. A "Pennies for Patients" kick off assembly is scheduled for Friday, February 26th at 2:00 p.m.

2. Each classroom teacher will again have a webpage for online donations set up by Leukemia and Lymphoma society (LLS). This should be coming soon. I will be forwarding any LLS communication to teachers which you can use to promote your classroom goal.

3. We will again have a spirit week with students encouraged to pay a $1.00 for each day he or she participates. This money goes toward your own classroom total as well as the $ boxes the students will be turning in and any classroom online donations.

4. Money from each classroom will need to be counted daily and noted when we come around to collect. Coins and bills can be cumbersome so daily trips to the "Bank of America" are made in order to manage the bulk.

Please note: If you do not want your classroom to compete for the Olive Garden pasta party, please let me know. We realize it can take some time to count money with your class so just let me know if you will be keeping track of your total (online donations, spirit week donations and change boxes).

NYTC Summer Reading Institute

We are excited to announce that the WSD 2016 Summer NYTC READING Institute will take place during the week of June 13. More information and details about this institute will be released just before spring break. The selection and application process will be similar to last year. Mark your calendars to save this week for some awesome professional learning!

Do you have empty cereal boxes?

Kindergarten is collecting cereal boxes for their grade level service project. Please use the link below to find out the details. Any way you can help would be appreciated...

Boxes will be collected until March 17th. Please turn flattened boxes into Turntine's room.

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The Week Ahead...

Monday, Feb. 22


K-2 Collaboration-Math Focus w/Dani

PBIS Tier 1 Meeting-Doug Out of Buildiing

12:00 Dr. Cox with Boyce/Armbruster

Tuesday, Feb. 23

Pledge- Johnson

7:20 Doughnuts with Someone Special/Book Fair

Yearbook Group and Club Photos

8:15 Doug Admin. Mtg

2:45 Melissa Admin. Mtg

After School Tutoring

Wednesday, Feb. 24

Pledge- Johnson

7:20 Doughnuts with Someone Special/Book Fair

Scherder-Hosting District Learning Lab

9:00 Construction Meeting @LVE

Thursday, Feb. 25

Pledge- Johnson

7:20 Doughnuts with Someone Special/Book Fair

3-5 Collaboration-Math Focus w/ Dani

1:30 Talent Show in Gym

After School Tutoring

Friday, Feb. 26

Pledge Johnson

Lion Den Store for 2nd/5th

Spring Pictures

2:00 Pennies for Patients Assembly

Do you have students who need extra help?

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February Birthdays

Cook- 6

Wagner- 12