Early Sociologist

Karl Marx

Early Background

  • Was born in Trier Germany
  • Enrolled in Bonn University in Germany
  • Also later enrolled in The University of Berlin
  • Was upper class with one parent being a lawyer and the other being a Dutchwomen

How did Karl Marx contribute to Sociologist culture

How did Karl Marx Contribute


  • Who ever controlled the land , resources and factories controlled the working class. Also the working class had to work on what ever terms the upper class assigned.
  • Believed in Class Consciousness, which is that the lower class should be educated about politics so they can be progressive and end the wealthy's rain.

Major Ideas

  • He wanted the ladder of society to be altered
  • Felt the capitalistic system at the time should be destroyed
  • Wanted a revolution to replace Capitalism with a Socialistic collective

Sociological in Sight

  • You're social life is a key part in your social status